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25 Years of Experience In The Industry. 

Asphalt 101

Your pavement is made of asphalt which is sand and stone combined. Asphalt contains essential oils which evaporates in the sun causing  cracks, dips and pot holes. Rejuvenating  your driveway is a proactive measure from damage that occurs due to harsh Canadian weather climate.

Rejuvenation restores the binding action of the pavement giving life back. Normal deterioration is reduced and the driveways’ life span extended. Making sure your pavement is cleaned and rejuvenated not only protects your asphalt, gives a great look appeal and adds value to your property. 

Driveway Sealing (Rejuvenation)

Seal Team Pavement Maintenance does not stop at just rejuvenating your driveway, we take the time to edge, clean and remove all debris.  We take pride in the quality of our work which means we treat your property as if it were our own!

We fill cracks from large to small. Clean oil spills and fill pot holes and specialize in building ramps at the end of the driveway or garage. Seal Team Pavement Maintenance only uses the highest quality materials. Customer satisfaction is our guarantee.

Asphalt Sealing(rejuvenation)
Pavement Maintenance
Crack Sealing

Seal Team Pavement Maintenance provides fast quality work for commercial properties as well. We offer Crack Sealing, Commercial Cleaning, Rejuvenation and Pavement Maintenance Programs.  We use what we believe to be the best  materials, of highest quality and our work is provided at a fast quality pace for we know how important it is for you to be able to use it right away.

Our company provides line painting as well if needed, curb painting and much more!! We are able to work week-days and weekends and all night for your convenience!!!!

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